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University of Economics in Katowice

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Location: ul. 1 Maja 50, 40-287 Katowice


Type of educational institution: Higher Education Institution
Field of study: Banking & Finance, Business, Economics, Language Studies, Management & Administration, Marketing & Advertising


University of Economics in Katowice was founded in 1937 and is the biggest and oldest business school in the region, one of the top universities in Poland. Each year over 8,000 Polish and international students follow our degree program at the Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Post-diploma levels at our four fields of studies: Finance, Economics, Informatics and Communication and Management.

Our students and graduates mature in a thriving metropolis engage in the development of the region in the course of their professional lives: managing companies, organizing socioeconomics life, taking part in a wide range of business activities.

Our educational offer and lifelong learning programs attract students from all over the world and from every generation. Due to the balance between academic strength and soft skills in our courses as well as professional career services the employability of our graduates is very high. We cherish relations with our local and international alumni engaging them in many activities on campus and in social media. We are proud to create today's managers for tomorrow's challenges.

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