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Klaipeda University

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Location: st. Herkaus Manto 84, 92294 Klaipeda


Type of educational institution: Higher Education Institution
Field of study: Architecture & Civil Engineering, Banking & Finance, Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering, Business, Conventional & Renewable Energy, Data Analytics, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Environmental Studies, Formal Sciences, Language Studies, Management & Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Medical & Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Pedagogy & Education, Social Sciences, Software & IT, Tourism & Hospitality


Klaipeda University (KU) enters into forth decade of existence with slogan HERE YOU ARE VISIBLE!

KU is an internationally accredited state university, awarding worldwide recognised degrees, located on the Lithuanian seaside, in an only national port city. A major leader in the Baltic Region in the area of marine sciences and studies, KU offers studies in the areas of social sciences, humanities, engineering, and health sciences as well as such unique study programmes as Shipping and Port Engineering, Hydrology and Oceanography, Biology and Marine Biotechnology.

In the QS World University Rankings, KU occupies 131st place among Eastern European universities. And also takes place among the top 200 Universities in the field of Oceanography worldwide.

Since 2019 the University is a member of the EU-CONEXUS European Universities Alliance, and together with partner institutions play a beneficial role in creating smart urban coastal sustainability at a European level.
This brings a great opportunity to enroll in 1 university and become a student of 9! Enjoy minors and joint master studies across Europe!

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